My name is Miks Latvis. I was born, and am living, in Latvia. For almost two years now I have been maintaining the blog In Latvian, “onkulis” means uncle. Don’t even ask why I have chosen such a weird name, that’s just how it is.

I am actively involved in web project management and development. I work for company which develops web projects. The most successful project (in my opinion) we have made is Internet magazine, developed in a true web 2.0 fashion. Anyone can freely publish their articles, and readers can arrange them as desired. internet journal

In my ‘’free time’’ I am taking distance education courses in journalism at the University of Latvia. Previously I have also spent some time studying computer science and political science.

What will I be writing about here?

I am going to be talking about myself and about the happenings in Latvia that could also be interesting enough for people abroad. I have always been inspired by the idea that there are three brotherly nations living in the Baltic States – Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians. And right now, when internet is widely available and the language barrier has been broken, it is the right time to find out what is going on right across the border. I have noticed that without knowledge of what your neighbors are up to, you may end up reinventing the bicycle. That is why I will try to talk about the fields close to me and present at least a minimal impression of them.

Regrettably, this will be another personal blog without a strictly defined theme, but mainly oriented towards web issues, naturally. So, usually this place will host information about web projects, blogs, photography, running and music news. It will mostly be a good, creative mix. Sometimes translated articles from my usual blog will also appear here. Of course, I will try to prepare information that would be of interest to people outside Latvia.

I also hope that no misunderstandings will arise from the address of this blog –; if you open, everything will be in Latvian there, but it is possible to switch to the English version at the top.

In comments, I would like to hear what are the going-ons in Latvia that you would be most interested in.