I wanted to buy some original t-shirts for the summer. Went to threadless.com and picked 4 really cool shirts from their huge selection. The total order amount was 22 LVL (~49$) – a good price, especially considering that the chance of meeting anyone with the same shirt in Latvia is very low.

Sadly, it turned out that Latvia was not included in the shipping list – all the neighboring countries were there, but not Latvia. I sent a mail to find out if there was really no way to get the shirts.

Their reply:

Sorry, we do not ship to Latvia. We used to, but ran into too many issues with fraud and missing orders. We removed it from our list of countries we ship to.

And now I have a question. Is it really that Latvians are committing fraud, or is it more likely that the missing orders are the fault of Latvia Post? Is there really any point in cheating and telling that an order has not been received, and asking to send it again?

As far as I know, orders are often lost from Amazon and other serious stores as well (so there is no possibility that the sender is at fault). Considering our shitty postal system, couldn’t it be that some postmen are nicking foreign goods from packages again?

That may be the case, knowing, for instance, the procedure of Amazon – if a buyer claims not having received the order, then it is sent again, free of charge. The postman does not steal it the second time, not to cause unnecessary problems. In this way, the buyer and the postman each get a new shirt.

Which scenario seems more likely for you?