Today, while exploring the fun and useful, I found how easy it can be to find information about various topics. I decided to have a look at Latvia from the side, and entered ‘’Latvia’’ in the search window.

It generates a new page containing the most popular news and blog entries, photos and videos about Latvia. The latest piece of news, naturally, is the Olympic gold medal of our BMX rider Maris Strombergs.

I really hope our government will finally take heed and start providing support to this and other less-traditional sports – because, as usual, the government support comes only after achievements, not before, as it should be in a normal, developed country.

But, to turn to the entry title… We, guys from Latvia, are lucky indeed, as again I’ve found yet another confirmation that the most beautiful girls in the world live here.

I came across the blog There was an article – The Astonishingly Beautiful Women of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia:

A friend of mine grew up in Lithuania, one of the three republics on the coast of the Baltic Sea (the others are Latvia and Estonia).  He came here with his family when he was a child.  He still has a great many relatives in Lithuania.

One of his cousins came to the US for a month-long vacation, visiting New York City, Chicago, Disney World, and several other places in the US.  After his return to Lithuania he was walking down the street with a friend.  After awhile the friend remarked, “You’re acting like you’ve never seen a woman before.”  He replied, “You don’t understand.  I’ve been in the United States for the last month and I didn’t see nearly as many beautiful women as I do on the streets here.”

Of course, the article continues with what we need least – more encouragements to go to Latvia to meet Latvian girls.

A nice comment to the article:

As your friend that visited Riga, let me just say: there is no way to over-emphasize how many stunning women there are in Latvia. It is a night-and-day difference from the US.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re lazy fat pigs. Half of our women ARE.
Mr. Practical